Hacked- need to open a new wallet

Hi -
My account was just compromised and all my funds drained. I must have made a mistake and shared my seed phrase when I was learning the ropes at the beginning. I know the money is gone now and have filled out a support ticket.

What I want to find out is how I can delist that wallet from my opensea account and add a new one. I have a few things in my collection there that I am hoping I do not lose as well.
Please help

Hello, please provide the wallet address

Here is the address- 0xbce950423598Aa684dBE0DbA7E0dD46216E1E7d8
I have moved my NFTs out but like .75 in eth is just gone. Know it can’t really be retrieved. Set up a new wallet but it still seems connected to the first one and was worried it would be compromised again.