How to unlink wallet from OpenSea

My main account has been hacked because I’m an idiot.
My ETH was drained but it is what its, however, that account is attached to platforms with expensive NFTs. I’ve made a new account attached to my ledger and I want to transfer the NFTs to that account but since they are attached to my main account I need ETH in there to account for the transfer gas fees.
I can’t add ETH because the hacker will immediately withdraw it.
How can I attach my OpenSea (and other websites) to my Ledger account and transfer my NFTs there?

I can only view my OpenSea profile assets when attached to my hacked MM wallet.
I need to change that to a different account!

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I am very sorry to hear this happened. You can remove OpenSea from your token allowances, but this will not prevent the attacker from being able to access your NFTs, if they have direct access to your MetaMask wallet. This will only prevent access to them if your OpenSea account is hacked.

You will need to go through the same process that you did with your MetaMask address/account via OpenSea to verify your Ledger address/account.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to beat this. You can try the steps found in this article to beat the sweep and send your NFTs to your Ledger address/account.

So the attacker can ‘access’ my NFTs, but are they able to transfer them out (or sell them on OpenSea) using the MM wallet?

Being as how I only gave the hacker my private key for one of the MM accounts (NOT my seed phrase) am I safe just removing that account (after I’ve transferred my assets from it) from my wallet and linked websites and using my other accounts from this same MM wallet without creating a complete new one and spending a fortune in gas fees and time!

Technically, yes, they should only have access to the one account of which you gave the private key, but for best wallet security, I highly recommend creating a new wallet, sending any NFTs, tokens, etc to your new wallet, and abandoning your compromised wallet.

Have you rectified this problem. My MM wallet was drained as well.