Hard to copy address back

When we add custom tokens in wallet (by inputting the custom contract address), and once they are added, we can’t copy it back. that’s surprising.
please add any way to copy back the token contract address (either right click or whatever). Only “view in etherscan” button goes to a page, where we have to guess and find which one was our custom-token contract address.

So, why that much hard? whichever custom-tokens we have added in our metamask, we should have the simple way to get (copy) back their custom contract addresses without much hassle.

I think it is to prevent people from making mistakes.
Many people sent tokens to a contract address instead of deposit address.
But sometimes I really need that function!

// token-overview.js
import SelectedAccount from ‘…/selected-account/selected-account.component’
<SelectedAccount selectedIdentity={{address:token.address}}/>

That is all we need.