Metamask to bsc; any way i can retrieve my funds?


I tried sending tokens to one of my friend but unfortunately, she sent me the address of BSCScan without knowing it. Is there any way I can retrieve my dpet tokens once again to send to the correct address this time? I beg anyone, this is an honest mistake from us since we are newbies. Thank you

When you say you sent to the address of BSCScan, you mean the token contract address??

If so, there is no way of getting that back.

And just so you know, any transaction is final once accepted in the blockchain, no way to undo it. They only way you could get money back is if the owner of the wallet you sent the money to accepts sending it back to you, but there is no way to cancel an accepted transaction.

and in this case you didn’t send to wallet but a contract address. so no way to get that back.


Yes, I meant the token contract address. I might have to give up on my case here and accept the fact that there is no more way to get my dpet token back. Thanks a lot for your help!