Help with getting back my BNB Please!

Hi all feeling stupid and a little lost
did a stupid mistake and think you all could help
FYI this does end in a metamask question
I had bnb in my binance smart chain wallet
I wanted to send it back to the binance exchange
from the BCW with binance chain network selected i sent the bnb withought a memo to my wallet address under bep20 and not bep2.
I have been told by binancento get it back i need to " please try to find a wallet dapp like metamask wallet which can both support BEP2 and BEP20 (BSC) network with your same address (account) and then access to the BSC network with the same address and transfer out your assets to get your tokens."
I already have a metamask wallet setup with the binance smart chain setup
not sure what to do from there
I know the bscscan address for the token (transaction) if that helps
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi Slogger

Under your BSC in Metamask you will need to add the token.
What you can do is, with Metamask open, on bscscan you should see the token there, there will be an option to add this token to your wallet. Once the token is added, it should appear in your wallet

i cannot find the option to add this token to wallet

I have also tried to add it manually by putting the contract number wich doesnt look right
and it adds but shows as zero