ETH Scan shows my original address

Help - I created wallet with ETH MAINNET and AVALANCHE addresses. I had some strong nodes, ETH and AVAX. Monitored my account for a few days, then connected with Coinbase Wallet ext. this action changed my account address. I tried to bring original address back by logging in with my secret phrase, didn’t work, brought the Coinbase wallet ext. back.

I can see my nodes and tokens on ETH Scan and Snow Trace. It’s all there.

How do I get my original account address back? I have tried resetting with same browser.

MetaMask gave me a ticket number, that was over 2 weeks ago.

Use another browser to restore the wallet using the seed phrase you created the address with.

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Which browser do you recommend? I created using Chrome.

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I recommend trying it with Firefox.


Okay, going to download onto a new device, using Firefox.

Should I log in with the previous account I used for chro?

It didn’t work. I just checked Etherscan and Snowtrace under my original address, I have 1 of 2 nodes left , my ETH tokens. I checked Snowtrace and I see my 24+ AVAX tokens.
I just can’t bring up my original address. The Coinbase Wallet Ext changed the address.

there is a coinbase wallet on new device ?

No. But I believe that the Coinbase ext replaced the MetaMask dapp.
I was checking out the Strong nodes, and the Coinbase wallet ext popped up for a source vs the MetaMask wallet

how can it do that ?

Not sure. But it happened. I can see my original address, nodes and tokens I can prove ownership, but can’t import the address.

Was your MM’s seed phrase recorded after the address was changed or before the change?

Before of course. The address changed after I linked to Coinbase. It replaced my ETH MAINNET.
When I logged out and logged back in using my secret phrase, it brought up the Coinbase wallet address.

That should be able to find the previous address. Wallet recovery is something guaranteed at the code level.

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I tried Firefox, even using a different device. My seed phrase pulled up the address associated with the Coinbase wallet ext.

I can see the original address on Etherscan, also I can see my Avalanche account under the original address on Snowtrace.

Very frustrating.

Did you use the default first address when you created your initial wallet?

I used the secret phrase to login, which we thought might pull up my original address, it didn’t. It pulled up the address that Coinbase Wallet ext changed it to.

If you can’t recover, then you can only say that your secret phrase is after the address was changed.

No sure what you are saying? MetaMask support could fix this in a second. I can prove all ownership. Haven’t been hacked, nor did I give away the secret phrase.
It’s bad business practice for MetaMask not help. About what I expect out of an Erc 20 project though.

MetaMask will be audited and go away.

Hey! Have you added any accounts to see if possibly the address you were originally using was account 2, 3, or so on? If not, have you put in a ticket? I am sure the team will help you but it does take a bit for a response. I had an issue that they solved…patience was the key for my side.

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I checked all accounts.

I have put a ticket in, 3 weeks ago.

My nodes are going to lost tomorrow, it will be 30 day mark - can’t pay maintenance fee.

My address changed when I linked the Coinbase wallet ext