Harmony ONE Claim Reweds Failed - Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks

I set up my Meta Mask wallet by the ledger ( Hardware Wallet - Ethereum app ). After that, I add a harmony network on Meta Mask. Everything works correctly (send/receive) harmony token has been transferred successfully.

I stake my coins successfully, and I claim rewards successfully too,

after some days, I got to claim rewards, but unfortunately, I received the below message

Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks, please make sure your transaction was properly sent. Be aware that it might still be mined!

I want to mention that :

  1. I have enough coins for transactions.
  2. I had more pending transactions. I reset all of them (settings > Advanced> Reset Account ), and Now I have no pending on my status.
  3. I checked my harmony network they were :
  • Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https ://api.harmony.one
  • ChainID: 1666600000
  • Symbol: ONE
  • Explorer: https ://explorer.harmony.one/

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

I appreciated MetaMask support for investigating my problem. :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome Metamask community :slight_smile:

I tried to google the error you got and some of solutions I can find is that the gas fee might be too low. Another I have found is that it is because of heavy traffic and if you wait, it might work later. Others say that is has to do with error in the code, but that’s something I don’t know enough of :slight_smile:



I get claim rewards for various periods of time, but no changes occurred.

I set the Gas price GWEI ( 30 ) and the Gas Limit ( 21000 )

I will be happy if I hear your next advice.

today I tried to get Claim Rewards and received a new message as below:

[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{“code”:-32603,“data”:{“code”:-32000,“message”:“replacement transaction underpriced”}}}’

Does anybody have a suggestion?