Help! Accidentally Sent KCS from KUCHAIN to ERC20 address in metamask!

I recently sent some KCS tokens to my metamask account (I have the KCC chain set up), but before sending my tokens I forgot to switch from ERC20 to KCC. So basically the tokens were sent on the wrong network to the correct address. Is there anyway to locate my tokens? Thanks in advance!

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I did a similar action with VeChain [VET], and did not know that Vet had changed to its own system now from an ERC20. So look up how to recover VET, the method sounds like it could work to recover your KCS. Iā€™m NOT tech help but - just saying it sounds like a similar problem.

I had the same problem :sweat_smile:. Got the correct address but wrong network# send to erc20 instead kcc chain