HELP - Buying safemoon

I have been reading posts, doing transfers, wasting gas and still not getting what I want. I want to buy Safemoon. I opened a binance account and transferred to Metamask and my account went down over 20% in this process. My money now is in Metamask - I see a Wallet Ethereum Main Network that has ETH tokens. I successfully set up another network called Smart chain that I set up Safemoon. How do I get the money from the Ethereum Main Network to the Smart Chain Network? I tried in Pancakeswap, but no tokens or value appears when I attempt to connect my account. I tried to SWAP with the public address (it’s the same in both networks) but it staied in ETH and charged me fees. Started with $500 and down to $366. I tried following the steps on inverse step-by-step guide to buy safemoon and stuck on step 11 because my funds don’t appear in pancakeswap