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I have been reading posts, doing transfers, wasting gas and still not getting what I want. I want to buy Safemoon. I opened a binance account and transferred to Metamask and my account went down over 20% in this process. My money now is in Metamask - I see a Wallet Ethereum Main Network that has ETH tokens. I successfully set up another network called Smart chain that I set up Safemoon. How do I get the money from the Ethereum Main Network to the Smart Chain Network? I tried in Pancakeswap, but no tokens or value appears when I attempt to connect my account. I tried to SWAP with the public address (it’s the same in both networks) but it staied in ETH and charged me fees. Started with $500 and down to $366. I tried following the steps on inverse step-by-step guide to buy safemoon and stuck on step 11 because my funds don’t appear in pancakeswap

Ok Spassu for the moment you did all well… It’s only the fact that the only places you can do cross chain is in centralized exchanges like bianche. Meaning that you should

You should swap your ETH in Binance to buy some BNB or BUSD then transfer them in Metamask (so also saving money because you can use BEP 20 net), then connect to pancake and finally get your token.
Just a little advice… Before you continue I really suggest you look on internet or in Binance academy about: cross chain, wrapped token and pancake guide (in Binance Academy). Good luck

You have another possibility to make the cross chain swap. Go to Binance Bridge and do in there

Thanks for responding
When I log into Biannce, I only see a balance of 2 cents. I originally put $500 into Bianace - ETH, then a month ago, I did transfer the money to Metamask BNB. That’s when I was trying to figure out how to buy Safemoon. Shouldn’t I see my money somewhere? Or did that website that told me to test it through the testnet-Binance Smart Chain deceive me and my money is gone?

Okay calm and relax… You started woth 500 and you can track expenses in Binance transfer history of your spot wallet. So now you have to see what is inside your Metamask wallet…easy. copy your address and paste inside bscscan. You will see all the tokens and further down all the transactions in and out… Then make the same on etherscan and do the math. If you like let me know how you ended up.
For test net normally works on free money but please check any website authenticity before connecting your wallet on web3 or dApp. Google it first for review and scam. Do you have exactly the URL of the site? Google it. Ciao

Binance does show withdraw successful on 7/1.
Metamask has 2 accounts
first account shows I transferred the money in. copied that address to bscscan - shows overview balance of 0 BNB & value and no transactions, but the b with the circle has a 2 by it. Looks like 2 chains: Etherscan
Ethereum - Balance = $0 - I see 2 transactions - IN & OUT Transaction: 0x0f0e2723efaf8a4814d7108cff1a7902d0a34b04410b9e847881acf8eff8354a
BscScan Testnet - Balance shows: 1 BNB
soo, the money looks like it’s gone? or is that one of my ‘wallets’?

Is this your wallet?

Why you have 2 Metamask address… Let me guess. You were hacked in the past, so you create this new address
that has same seed phrases of the old one?
Hope not
Test net only uses free coin so if you managed I don’t know how to cross chain transfer there the funds are lost… But timing is very near.
Another guess… You were hacked by someone who asked you to insert your seed phrase so to help you install the test net… Or ask to connect your wallet in web3, authorize something that looks innocent and… Dramma done

in MetaMask I have 2 wallets (don’t know how I got the 2nd one)
I don’t see any other wallets
I also just see in activity the money going IN (not out) in Ethereum Mainnet.

So, are you saying the money is gone? Timing is near for what?
So, the TEST NET really isn’t a test?!

I’m sorry my friend bout the drama transaction is
With which all your funds were transferred to this address
And if this doesn’t belong to you I am afraid you have lost them.
Who and how you install the test net? Somebody on the phone or in a website? If you see test net time you had 1bnb and then time of the drama transaction they’re very near, so suspicious to me. Ciao

Thank you…it was on a website that ‘was supposed to be walking me through buying safemoon’.

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