Help needed missing accounts when on my phone

I have an account on my computer with eth and BSC but when I installed Metamask on my phone it only brought over my eth account. how do I add my BSC account to be seen on my phone?

Thank You

Hi you need to add Binance smart chain network manually in order to see your BSC(bep20) tokens. You can follow the steps given on Binance academy website. I am unable to post the link here. Just google the term “adding bsc network to Metamask Binance academy”.

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I activate the same problem and now I have my NTFs at the old address. Does anyone have any idea how to recover as NFTs? I need help please

Hey @SilviaTurina, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You can import your NFTs again on the correct network to see your NFTs again.

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