Help on tokens adding dApp tokens to a new chain

Hi all,

We are developers who have built an EVM chain - which is currently in testnet at the moment.

However, since there is multiple tokens in the ecosystem, the tokens that is not used for gas, (dApps developed on this new chain) doesn’t seem to be supported by MetaMask. Apparently you need to get the new chain ‘approved’ by MetaMask in order to add dApp tokens to a new chain on MetaMask?

Is this true, or are we doing something wrong?

Appreciate the help in advance.


Hi @user3601 ,

Let me see what I can find out for you!

Also confirming, did you check out the MetaMask docs?

Introduction | MetaMask developer documentation


Yeah but cant seem to find anything on this situation specifically. Seems other chains with dApps building does not use MetaMask in testnet - or am i wrong @KBeeTheCapybara ?