Will not load the gas approval screen

I was have trouble with metamask loading so I read up on it last night did what was suggested and deleted my data and cache reinstall my seed phrase loaded up all my tokens but now will not load the gas fee approval when I try and hydrate on drip net which is on binance smart chain so I switched over to f t m and try to claim tomb metamask will open but it will not give me the option to approve the transaction I don’t know if I have to re-approve the tokens or if there’s something else going on

Reach out to our helpdesk. Head to https://support.metamask.io and click the blue “Start a Conversation” button.

So i figured out the metamask will not support if you use the brave browser still working glitchy on the Chrome browser keeps disconnecting my wallet from the website I’m on God I hate the Chrome browser

Firefox and Edge are also options, if Chrome won’t play along properly.

Brave is supported. Im not sure who told you that… Have a ticket number handy by chance? (had to double check just to be sure that hadn’t changed)

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No i do not have the ticket number but the guys name was Jerome well you never said you didn’t support Brave browser when I asked him about why I couldn’t use the brave browser he just ended the conversation with no answer

Yes we support brave but if asked what going on silence

sorry for the delay, I haven’t forgotten about you. I just didn’t have a complete enough answer yet. It’s hard to be familiar with all of the projects that exist, and how they interact with Metamask. So I wanted to look into them a bit further to make sure it wasnt an issue there.

It sounds like this may be related to trouble within the browser itself.
Have you updated Brave? Or tried creating a new user profile in Brave, then reinstalling Metamask?
Might also be worth giving Firefox a try.

I know you just did this, and I hate having to suggest doing it all over again. (was kinda hoping there was an issue that wasn’t your browser. I know how annoying having to do the same thing repeatedly can be)

But if it is a issue of that specific browser instance, as I suspect, using a different browser would work around that problem and get you access to your accounts again. For the long term, getting the issue with that installation of Brave resolved, is the goal (Brave’s support will be far better at assisting on that than I will be.)

The Chainlist and CoinGecko methods are my personal preference:

chains - https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058992772

just had a thought double check the connected sites tab under the 3 dots menu. If those sites had their permissions revoked somehow, it could give exactly this behavior. you may need to manually re-add them. (navigate to the site, then open the connected sites panel. Click “manually connect to current site”)

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