Help please! token no recibed

Hello friends, I have a good problem.
4 hours ago I transferred from GATEIO CORE for the amount of €366. I have already verified that the destination address is correct, the shipping platform is the same since it is CORE’s own.
I have reviewed the transaction in CORESCAN and I have even contacted them and they confirm that the transfer was carried out successfully and that I am directed to the recipient MetaMask. I do not know what else to do…
I made another smaller one because I needed some CORE to transfer Mine 4TOKEN and it didn’t reach me either… I don’t know what else to do



Hello @Zumito
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In the block explorer, you can see that after the successful receipt of the tokens, they are withdrawn to a different address:

Are you involved in this transaction? If not, most likely you have picked up a sweeper bot.


Hello @Zumito,

As mentioned by @snwlprd.eth, your tokens were transferred out. However, it happened after you sent that small amount (i.e., it was not after you sent 339 CORE). Seems like you contacted some people in this regard.

Have you shared your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private keys with any one or have you entered them on a site after not receiving your funds?

Anyway, seems like your wallet has been compromised. Please refer to the following post:


I need to emphasize that you had received your 339 CORE in your account, and to view your CORE, you just needed to add the Core network to your MetaMask wallet.
However, seems like what you have done after not seeing your funds in your wallet, has compromised your account.


I have checked the addresses
FROM is the removal of CORE GATEIO
TO: is the deposit of CORE in MetaMask
They match, I have checked several times

You received your CORE in your account, but your funds were transferred out via the following transaction ID: 0x6ded629156f7f37825358ac8cbbf85f575bc9d5c8f5f0877dbb7cd691e387621

Also shown on the image attached.


God… and now what can I do??

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, it is likely that your wallet has been compromised. Please refer to this post.

NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Keys with anyone and NEVER enter them on any site.