Help. Sold an NFT worth 0.06ETH on OpenSea, been 24 hours and the transaction shows success on Etherscan, yet I haven't received the sum in wallet anywhere. Neither has the transaction history updated

Transaction hash; 0x52944ca0871dd0f9f317d5bc021703ccef6532f6e3afa1eaf7982422ee770647

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hi @Jibranji ,welcome to MetaMask community.
There are about 0.06eth coming into this address from Blur. I’m not sure if it’s the information you’re looking for.


Thanks for responding. So that sum is arriving, that’s what the root problem has been. The transaction took place more than 24 hours ago and it is yet showing ‘pending’ status, which at this stage is more like ‘stuck’ since it’s not normal for even delayed transactions to take that long.

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@Jibranji ,

It looks like it already came in. If you look under Internal Txns. Details here:

More details from the TXHash ID where you can see it coming in your wallet:

You have since transferred out funds (part of a larger transaction), assuming you made those additional transactions?


I did, but those funds aren’t being reflected in my balance status on MetaMask. It only shows on Etherscan, the balance in MetaMask hasn’t been updated since the transaction was made. Such a dire headache and terrible pain in rear this has been :frowning:

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Can someone please put me out of my misery? I have become a tennis ball bouncing from one side to another finding a recourse for this. Even contacted the OpenSea support to no avail.

Please don’t open new topics for this.

Your ETH shows on the blockchain explorer as received in your wallet as was confirmed before. You have a lot of ETH transactions coming in that match the values of the transactions preceeding them show. Might it be that you’re not accounting for it properly?

You can also contact Support team at and click Start a Conversation , if it suits your needs. Might put your mind at ease.


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.


Thank you, I am going to contact support. And I am 110 percent sure I am not lagging in or botching the counting part. Have done it a trillion times to reach the same conclusion; ETH from sale hasn’t been displayed in accumulative wallet finances.

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