Help! Tokens missing after reset

Hi Guys i really need some help from someone in here, i had to reset my password and was able to sucessfully do that with my seed phrase however when i got back in my tokens are no longer there. I have tried adding the customs token contract but the balance says 0. I have checked Etherscan and i can see the transactions are still there and have not been transferred out. It looks like i was giving a new wallet address.

Have anyone had a similar issue and how did you get it resolved? I appreciate the helpā€¦

Same issue hereā€¦ Please help people?

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how do we fix this stupid issue???

aynı sorun bende de var metamask yardımcı olmuyor.bu uygulamanın geliştiricileri uyuyorlarmı

Is this fixed? I have the same issue. Hope this is only a bug

Same problem. Please let me know if you resolved it. Thank you for your time.