Help with missing transfer from metamask to exchange

Hi guys.
I think i messed up with a transfer and wondering if i can resolve this. So i had a balance on my metamask in USDT Tether in the binance network. I transferred this to my coinbase wallet using the receive address in coinbase for USDT.

The transaction went through successfully on metamask but did not appear in my Coinbase.

I spoke to coinbase who told me that their USDT is on eth network so i must contact binance. I contacted binance but they wont help and told me to contact metamask.

The transition link is: 0xe736190cd5a4caa47d08de6c481c6b32bbc59bfa7dbc89221acafd4c8e585d12

I realise now that Tether USDT in coinbase is on the etherium network. what should i do now ? Is there any way of me getting my money back ?

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@aneelbabar I have checked the transaction and it was processed on the BSC network which is not compatible with Coinbase.
You can refer to the following post for details Sent BNB to ETH coinbase

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Thanks for your reply. Looks like i have lost my money then.