Sent BNB to ETH coinbase

I sent BNB from my MetaMask to my coinbase wallet. In your app it said it was ETH so i sent it to my coinbase wallet as ETH. Is there a way to recover the crypto. Also is there a way to fix the app and why it’s says the crypto is ETH when it should say it is BNB. I attached a pic of wallet in question and showing that it says ETH instead of BNB.

Oh man :see_no_evil: you used Binance Smart Chain (BSC) :roll_eyes: and page Coinbase not support BSC

BIG mistake :neutral_face:

BEP2 and BEP20 Coinbase not support

There’s no getting it back is there?

@JTW maybe in the future ( 1 - 2… years ) :neutral_face: Coinbase must
create recovery tool for BEP20 transactions…

@aneelbabar please refer to this thread

thanks for this… looks like i have lost my money. No way of recovering this