Lost BNB transferring from MetaMask to Coinbase

I have transferred some money from Metamask Binance Mainnet to Coinbase wallet as USDT and I have not received anything. The money is nowhere to be found and I have no idea what to do to get them back. If anyone knows how to help me resolve this I would send you 1 bnb as a gift of gratitude. This money is important for me and my family.

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Did you resolve your problem?

No unfortunately. Nothing yet.

I have same problem.

I do miss my money as well, I´m watiting for response from metamask support for 13 days, I have written 2 posts here as well. No asnwer anywhere. I have bought ETH for my metamask wallet, in acitivity there is recieve information, but it didn´t received any ETH . My money is lost or stolen or i dont know what and metamask support same as comunity here is ignoring me.

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Unfortunately Coinbase does not support the Binance SmartChain. They are working on implementing a way to recover unsupported ERC-20 tokens, but unfortunately I don’t believe you’ll be able to recover your BUSD-T tokens.

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I have same problem. Metamask to Binance. Can’t metamask do anything? Because, Binance referred to Metamask.

Check this community topic for assistance with your tx on BSC.

This does not resolve anything for me.