Hidden NFTs are too hard to find for new users. Here's some alternatives

Right now growth in the NFT industry is stifled because all new NFTs are hidden by default unless a user directly MINTS the NFT. This is really no plausible or desirable for most NFT applications coming down the road. Many people already have wallets and they wish to receive a loyalty NFT, ticket or myriad of other NFTs, but they do not want to spend crypto to get it. This breaks the user experience. Account abstraction does not solve this problem because many users want the NFT sent to their current wallet. In order to keep the ecosystem open an encourage growth this can be solved in a variety of ways.

  • Have an NFT “in-box” where unsorted NFTs can be marked as safe or not.
  • Prioritize NFTs so NFTs that would be hidden are instead at the bottom of the list.
  • Have an easily visible “quarantine” section at the bottom of the list. This at least alerts the users that the NFTs exist. This is similar to an in-box but perhaps more cautionary.
  • Have a “received” section instead of hidden. It seems right now it’s all NFTs that are received are hidden so why not call it what it is.
  • Move “Import-NFT” up from the bottom. It’s not visible unless you scroll currently which makes it even harder to find. Also add “show hidden” to this area. Although, I think hidden is still a really bad word.
  • NFT unhidden in portfolio should show up in the NFT list on the extension. Currently when you unhide an NFT manually on the portfolio site it’s still hidden in the extension.

Overall it’s really hard to find hidden NFTs or import them especially on metmask desktop. This is going to keep holding back the industry and as a tech provider I get endless complaints about this. Right now giving people a 10 step process to find their NFTs is not really tenable and just driving away my customers and people deciding if they want to use NFTs.

I appreciate the consideration,
Thank you

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