Is there an NFT safe list? Our customers claim NFTs and they don't show up

We have an NFT rewards program and customers claim NFTs from our software. We have the option to send that NFT to their MetaMask. Right now all of those NFTs end up hidden and the process to unhide them is difficult in the mobile app and impossible in the browser extension. This makes our project and any new project using NFTs very difficult to manage. We can’t expect all our users to mint the NFTs themselves. My questions are.

  • Is there some kind of safe list?
  • What are the methods you use to decide what NFTs to allow to be visible.

We understand there are scams and malicious actors in the NFT community, but we also need to grow as an industry and if the policy to to prevent the display of all NFTs made after a certain date that is not going to make it very easy to grow this industry. A better policy might be to allow all NFTs and move some to the bottom of the list. Users could add their favorite NFTs to a priority list or there could be a “Show more” button. The current method of “block all and ask questions later” although may be a temporary solution to scam complaints it is a huge problem for NFT projects like ours.

We appreciate your help and guidance on this issue! Thank you!

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Please try the method mentioned in this article for displaying NFT in MetaMask mobile


This lets you see it on the portfolio site only. Is there any way to show the NFT in the extension on desktop? Also can you please share how the extension decides which NFTs to hide? Is this coming from OpenSea? This seems kind of anti-competitive.

Please go through the article mentioned again, you can enable the auto-detect. If NFTs are not displayed by auto-detect, try to add manually with contract address and token ID for the NFT which you want to dispaly. If don’t want to display, then don’t add contract address or token ID.

To check how you can add through browser extension, please click on extension in above article link as provided on screenshot. You can add in portfolio, mobile or extention as per your need.

Also, you can hide from portfolio, please check this link


I have detect NFTs on in the settings and I have unhidden the NFT in the portfolio. I refreshed the token list and it still doesn’t show up. How can I expect our users to do all of this each time we send them an NFT? Is there a safe list or some way for us to get our token marked as safe? Also even adding an NFT manual requires scrolling down on the extension to find. This does not work for us. Does MetaMask control what tokens are hidden or is this coming in from open sea? These are my questions:

How can I expect our users to do all of this each time we send them an NFT?
Is there a safe list or some way for us to get our token marked as safe?
Does MetaMask control what tokens are hidden or is this coming in from open sea?

Thank you

Currently, all the possible ways to display NFT on MetaMask has been mentioned in above mentioned article with auto-detect, or adding the NFT contract address and token ID. In my understanding, MetaMask does not take control, as NFTs / tokens can be added with NFT contract address and token ID. NFTs are also visible in respective block explorer by inputting wallet address and check what tokens/NFTs are owned by him/her.

Also, please check if you have enabled opensea API in MetaMask , go to settings > security and privacy > enable Open sea API

MetaMask is working to maximize compatibility, with the goal of making sure the vast majority of NFTs to be displayed in the dapp.


I have all these settings turned on. I also marked the NFT as safe and it still doesn’t show up in the desktop extension. I suggest that marking an NFT as safe in the portfolio site should allow it to show up on the extension. Maybe that is a bug. I also suggest that instead of marking all received NFTs as bad by default it would be better to have something like an “in-box” or just push them to the bottom of the list.

At the very least put the “+ Import NFT” link above higher up in the desktop extension section because right now you have to scroll to find it on the desktop extension which makes it all, but invisible.

I hope you are looking into maximizing compatibility because the current situation is turning away companies who attempt to make NFTs and then give those NFTs to users. OpenSea does “hidden NFT” but nobody likes it. It’s not a good idea to copy. They want to control the ecosystem and be a monopoly. I expect more out of MetaMask.

Appreciate the feedback friend.

You may create the post under feature request category that you would like to see in MetaMask in regards to NFT or other features.

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Thanks! I added it here for any who are curious

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