High gas fee BNB, and Binance transactions to Metamask

Hello, i want to use MetaMask to play a game uses Metamask wallet on binance network, so i will need to buy bnb & swap some of it to get the game token and connect the wallet with game to start playing.

Firstly i am new in crypto world, i was trying something on eth blockchain and it requested $90 Gas fee, is this normal ?

I am afraid to meet a high Gas fee.

Second, i use Binance to buy crypto, does Metamask support transactions from and to Binance ?

Thank you.


You are playing the Binance Chain game. You will need to verify that you did not complete it through the BSC. If in doubt about the cost of the game, as far as I know, a lot of the game community will help newbies, so don’t rush it,

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Buy cryptocurrencies through Binance, transfer them to your private encrypted address, perform some activities through METAmask wallet


The gas on eth chain is relatively high. Since you are playing games on BSC chain, you can buy BNB directly from binance exchange and send it directly to your metamask wallet address. The following is the configuration method of BSC chain.

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