How can I import an account bill if I don't know the KEY

I used an account bill to sign in Opensea, but my computer got cracked and now I am trying to recover the account bill I used to sign in Opensea, but to import the bill I need private KEY, which I obviously don’t have since I’ve got no device which would still be running the bill within ((

How can I import the bill? Maybe some features playing on the fact that I used it in my Metamask account previously… ??

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Computer cracked? :upside_down_face: What do you mean? Computer or notebook?


Hi @Foxoonake ,

When you say “account bill” what does this mean. Sorry, I haven’t heard that term so just looking for detail to what it’s referencing.

Also, did you write down your 12 word secret recovery phrase when you created your MetaMask wallet?