How can I obtain "new clean" wallet (akin to a "clean install")?


A few months ago, I was trying to start a MetaMask wallet. I was nudged on by some unsolicited Telegram DMers from a tech channel.

Being less than savvy than the average techhead, I couldn’t seem to accomplish what they wanted me to do (LUCKILY).

I made two attempts, more or less unsuccessfully. “Unsuccessfully” meaning: 1.) I was unable to transfer monetary value to the wallet. 2.) I was unable to figure out how to “enter the address”, or (what scammers were trying to make me do) hand over my wallet.

“LUCKILY” meaning: I handed over a wallet of virtually (no pun intended) no value.

So that’s the backstory.


Current situation:

MetaMask login works on my mobile app, but not on my desktop browser.
I cannot figure out why.



So this time, I would like to create a new MetaMask wallet (akin to a “clean software install”) that would have no connection to my “old MetaMask”.

I don’t plan to use any of the old seed phrases again.

But I want a “clean” wallet for two pertinent cautionary concerns:

  1. That the old wallet I “passed on” to likely scammers previously, would not compromise a new account.

  2. (This is actually a question, I think): If scammers had my seed phrase and (an empty) wallet, could those people endanger my being with any form of criminal impersonation?


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