Is it possible for MM to log you out requiring seed phrase again?

When I try to open my MM from the extension it now opens to the “Welcome to MetaMask” page asking me to “Get Started” . My understanding was it was impossible to be logged out of your wallet unless you deleted the extension. I am wondering if I have been hacked and have a keylogger or something waiting for me to input seed phrase again. . I found a suspect downloaded file in chrome today which I deleted. I can see it was a .webloc file from a discord channel. Could that have done something dodgy?


Hello @blamblam, welcome to MetaMask community!

If you think you might be exposed, as it’s not normal to be asked to input seed phrase after normal usage of your wallet until that point, as a fresh install requires, you should do a full sweep of your PC, even a format and fresh install of operating system, and then go from there and reinstall everything, just to be sure.

Better to be safe than sorry is what i would suggest. It’s very good that you came here looking for answers and you’re active in taking care of your wallet security wise.

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Thanks. Yes that’s my thought. Can i confirm it is not usually possible for MetaMask to reset by itself asking you to start again right? Have never heard of that and all the literature says you can only remove an account by deleting the extension and re installing. If this is a new tactic I would like to let people know to be aware.

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Not necessarily. It might also happen due to crashes of the browser that may wipe your MetaMask storage clean, thus prompting it to show like a fresh install. It all depends on what you experienced before the prompt.

But from your description of your situation, what i wrote above should apply, instead of what i explained here. Just to be safe.

You could read a topic on the matter here, from reddit, where Dan Finlay gave some details about such issues as well.


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