Secret recovery phrase metamask

Hello to all,
Today, I deleted and installed the MetaMask extension, when I reinstalled it, I realized that I had written down 11 of the 12 words…

Is there a solution?

_ I have the password of the wallet and my deposits were through my verified exchanges.
_ I don’t have a backup from the browser and the file (nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn) is deleted after deleting the extension and a new file is created by reinstalling it.

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Hi @farahmand yes there is a solution :smiley: and very easy.

Download this tool:

Download link:
Zip archive unzip to the desktop. Find the file index.html and open it in a browser.

PS: for your safety disconnect from the internet :slightly_smiling_face: this tool finds the missing word.


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