How do I know what my Gas Price and Gas limit should be for a transaction?

Hi All,

Trying to swap my $500USDT to Keanu, when I click swap, I get ridiculous fees of $300.

I try editing fee and have lost approx $90 worth of Eth from two failed transaction.

How do I know what my GWEI and Gas Limit price should be.

Thank you in advance.

etherscan dot io /gastracker

erc20 requires limit of 64000 plus the gwei extremely high

Hi all, I also have GAS issues. I am trying to “prove ETH” before the swap but it is impossible. It is greyed out until I chem to fast or slow (which have bot 0 fees.) the one with fees has no gas, when I set it to even only 1, it says I have no funds. I have 0,05 ETH so I don’t understand why it is not going though, even when I only want to swap 0,00001

Help would be great here!