How do I reset my Transak registration info?

I attempted to Buy ETH for the first time via Metamask/Transak/Visa and went through the Transak registration process and evidently entered my birthdate incorrectly as follows: xx/12/xxxx (12 being the input error - the correct date should have been xx/16/xxxx). The transaction failed and I’m assuming because of the incorrect birthdate.

Not knowing of the birthdate input error, I attempted to redo the Transak Buy ETH transaction and now with the registration fields being automatically filled with my personal info, I then noticed my birthdate being incorrect. So, I attempted to make the correction in the Transak birthdate field and typed my correct birthdate xx/16/xxxx but it keeps reverting back to xx/12/xxxx. It will not allow me to correct my birthdate.

How can I make the correction to my birthdate so my transactions will be successful?