How does the platform fee work internally in metamask swap?

I am trying to decode the fee structure of MetaMask swap, specifically the platform fee. I need to understand at which point in the route is the fee taken and in the form of what token. I looked into these two transactions: 0x9b675024d8648c3b590eff411fcf75a1199d10d1a3fe2ddbe50e166ce8b87cc9 and 0xf1ac0081467b2f758758d2ff6afc7149b7937efa1f79904082c4c6d4a810e57b. The first one is a token to ETH, I guess I see an internal transaction that takes the platform fee in the form of ETH at the end of the route. But in the second one (ETH to token), (based on my guess) the fee is taken at the starting from the ETH amount, right? Lmk if I’m going correct and what other rules I’m missing.

Hi I think you’ve asked this in discord too? Please let us know if you were able to reach out technical support. Please try to use 1 platform to ask for a question. Let’s keep it in discord or in discourse. Thank you

Hey, yeah in Discord Roo suggested me to ask it from the support team. I asked in the support channel, they suggested me to ask here. So, here I am :sweat_smile:

Thanks so just to make sure did you start a conversation?

In the support chat, yes.

Let me check and get back to you

Hi @Ojuswi I just confirmed I think there is misunderstanding please start a conversation with an agent: → Start a conversation button? It’s the fourth number from the left

Yeah, I did exactly that. Should I ask there again?

Yes please what is the name of the agent you talked to the last time could you share pls we’ll check internally thank you again and sorry for any confusion

I don’t remember exactly, but it was something like Looze or similar… It had a ‘Z’ in its spelling if I remember correctly.

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