235 fee from 510

I was charged 510$ and get deposit only 228.32 how it is possible to take 60% fee ???

Can you describe the specific problems encountered? How did the deducted expenses happen? Metamask does not charge any fees and only charges 0.85% of the handling fee when using the swap function


What network, coin, wallet, website did you use when you did the deposit ?


I use Apple Pay Visa card

Any ideas? still feel like I was robbed

Please provide a hash of your transaction

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Oof - did you use Apple Pay through MoonPay which is linked to MetaMask or like @BlueSpaceBike asked - what are the details?

If you can provide the TX Hash like @Tksly noted, community can look and see the details and what we see.

If you need info on how to find this, here is an article from the Knowledge Base -

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Reach out to our helpdesk: https://support.metamask.io and click the blue “Start a Conversation” button. The bot will ask a few questions then get you connected.

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