How put my address metamask in address what i am minning

Alguem sabe como direcionar a carteira da cripto direto para o MetaMask?

Hello, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you elaborate on the details?

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Sorry man, i send the same msg to optimism for they elaborate below with address of wallet MetaMask “0x804a5b829d631abb878fdb4aa568374bf46f3b13”

What exactly is your question? Try to be as specific and detailed as possible.

I want to put my address inside the hardhat contract, so it can fix my mining

That is not something I am familiar with. Perhaps you can find a guide for it somewhere?

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Do you mean hardhat contract as in a smart contract you are having trouble writing the code for?

That’s right, take the smart contract and write it with my address

builder faceut

being able to install through this site, so being able to see the first transaction… thanks guys, maybe this will help future miners

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