Confused metamask user

i did 2 transactions earlier within my metamask account, i only have 2 presently using one is the trezor metamask and the other is the main metamask. how come when i traced my transaction it went to other metamask address i think because up to know i still dont received it yet. What to do? Can i still get the transactions i made?

how will i know the version?

i really dont know i just downloaded it and make an account. is it possible that ive been hacked? but how?

sorry i dont have whatsapp :slight_smile: we can chat in here. is it possible that ive been hack? how come, can metamask be a multiple user at once?

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You mean the address you sent the coins to, not the address of either of your two MM accounts?

sorry i just got confused… only know i see that the token went to the contract address of the token itself, i thought its another account. now, i do not know what to do to retrieve it :frowning:

You mean you wrote the sending address of the token as the contract address of the token itself?

that i dont remember because what i remember is i just click my account. i do not understand what happen

If you use MM to send, there will be a sending record. The record will show the address and amount you sent to.

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Yes there is and i am studying the record that why i found out that the tokens are still in the token address and cannot figure what to do next

You mean the token is still in the wallet?

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