Why did Metamask send the tokens to two addresses?

I swapped the same token twice with pancakeswap and then sent it to the exchange.
However, MetaMask sent them to two different addresses.
Out of the C amount of tokens I sent, the amount A from the first swap was sent to the exchange, and the amount B from the second swap was sent to the Contract Address of the token.
I definitely set the address of the registered exchange when I sent the tokens.
The amount sent to the exchange was totally wasted because it was less than the minimum deposit amount. Why did this happen?
Is it a bug in the meta mask?


Hello and welcome to the MataMask community,

If there is a transaction in your wallet that you did NOT approve, it is likely that your wallet has been compromised.
If you share the transaction ID, we can take a look at it. NEVER share the Secret Recovery Phrase and the Private Key with anyone.


Like Maryam1 said, you need to check your wallet activity, if it is really hacked and scammed, please follow the steps below


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