Transaction issue - Sent to a different wallet

Hi Support team.

I had to transfer some tokens to 2 different addresses (rewards for a competition).

The transaction #1 (with nonce 292) to send 315,000 DEXTF to 0x70f6c0914cbd424bca340216670aaf4aa447ce21 (address #1) was completed correctly:

The transaction #2 (with nonce 293) to send 150,000 DEXTF to 0xB60d9F0D618Ff3514b9BC937125116036087fb47 (address #2) was completed, but Metamask passed the wrong address (it used address #1 instead of #2):

For transaction #2 the Metamask Activity list shows the correct address #2 that I entered, but in etherscan the transaction #2 shows address #1 as receiver.

As a result the tokens have been sent to the wrong address.

How did Metamask mix up the addresses?

Thanks for your help.

I want to add that this exact error also happened to me once, the bug occurred when I sent 2 transactions one after each other but I did it fast.

If this is confirmed, it’s a bug to solve asap because MM is sending tokens to wrong addresses

Hello @dextf and welcome to MetaMask community!

Give me some time to ask about the issue.

Thank you for sharing.

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Hey @dextf, can you tell me what version of MetaMask you were using when this happened? Was it on the browser extension or app?


Please also try to submit a ticket to our support team about it at , by clicking “Start a Conversation”

Hopefully this will accelerate the process of finding the best solution so this won’t happen again. The state logs provided to Helpdesk support can further help with that, as they shouldn’t be shared publicly on the forums here. Does that sound good for you?


Browser plugin v. 10.14.7 (Firefox).

Ok, I will also open a ticket with the support team.


I’ve opened a ticket with the support team and will share the outcome here (as it might be of interest to other community members)

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Thanks. Will let you know if there are any updates on my side as well.

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Any updade from your side?

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