How to access MetaMask on another device?

Hi! How to access MetaMask on another device? My old device was left in another house. How can I access the 12-word password of my account?

Hi @Gelewera you can definitely open your wallet on another browser/device with the correct 12-word secret phrase. Here is the article you can refer to: How to restore your MetaMask account from Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase

Hi! But ı lost my 12-word secret phrase. I know mail and pass but ı can’t reach 12-word secret phrase

when you say you left your device in another house, do you mean you lost it, or do you have access to it with someone you trust? you could ask them to dictate you the private key from your old device? but that would need to be someone you really trust.

Otherwise, wait until you can get it back. No other way if you lost the 12 word secret phrase.