How to add a repository to metamask organization

I have implemented a keyring class for a specific hardware wallet (zymbit scm and hsm6), and would like to know the process for adding my repository to the MetaMask organization. Do I have to use action-create-release-pr and action-publish-release. Thanks in advance.

Hello @user954 !

Yes, you may see all the information about that in the official MetaMask repository.
Follow packages action-create-release-pr and action-publish-release.


I am assuming that I have to publish it as an npm package first. Is that correct?

Hi @user954 ,

All hardware integrations can be done through MetaMask Snaps :fox_face: . Check out:

And if you have more questions visit the Snaps Github (linked in docs) or the Snaps Dev channel in the ConsenSys Discord:


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