How to Backup/Restore Token Data for Wallets

I’m using the MM Extension for Firefox on a laptop. Recently FF had issues, and I had to reinstall the extension. Despite using the Settings>Advanced>Backup and saving the JSON file, I sadly found that this neither works (did not Restore the Networks or the wallets), and worse, it does not Save the Token data.

This is a major pain - I have a lot of tokens spread across multiple wallets, and manually re-importing every single one of them is quite a PITA!

Is there any way to do a real backup of all wallet and token data?

Hey @BoomerHodler, sorry for the inconvenience. You can turn on automatic token detection feature in MetaMask, see more information on our Knowledge Base here:

If your tokens are not automatically detected, then you will have to manually import them again.


Thanks for your suggestion. Auto-detection doesn’t help unfortunately, because of the number of tokens that have been sent as “dust” over time.

The ability to do a backup/restore of the list of tokens that I have chosen to display in my wallets would be the only practical solution.

Perhaps this could be suggested as a new feature to the MetaMask team?

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This feature request has been suggested, feel free to vote for it here:


Hey, thanks for creating the Feature Request! Very efficient support, appreciated. :sunglasses:

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