How to know wallet type USDT and BNB?

When adding tokens on the Metamask Chome web browser I don’t know the wallet type of USDT and BNB ? my question as below:

USDT Wallet is ERC20 on Metamas (Chrome Browser)?
BNB Wallet is B2P20 on Metamas (Chrome Browser)?

To know wallet chain network so the sender cannot send wrong network trasnfer.

USDT is ERC20 token but also BEP20 token
BNB on Metamask wallet is BEP20 token or ERC20 token :crazy_face:

:x: NO

Where to check ERC-20 and BEP20 ?

Metamask support ERC-20 also BEP-20 tokens

BEP-20 Blockchain Explorer: bscscan*com

ERC-20 Blockchain Explorer: etherscan*io

It mean one USDT address on Metamask can accept transactions from USDT-ERC2O and USDT-BEP20
It mean one BNB address on Metamask can accept transactions from BNB-BEP20 and BNB-ERC20


YES man :smiley: but when you send BEP20 token… must add BSC network + your token.