How to recover USDT fund transfer to wrong network, Bitcoin wallet address


Could you please help with with possible solution on how I may recover my crypto currency fund (USDT) mistakenly tranfer using the wrong network, via bitcoin wallet address instead of the correct Ethereum wallet address.

I greatly appreciate all your feedbacks.
Thank you.

Hi @ampblue You used Omni Layer? :roll_eyes: You have some Transaction Hash?
How did you do it? :smiley: What network did you use?

I need more information :smiley:


Hi Luigi,

Thank you for reaching out.

I’m new to Cryto world, what’s a Transaction hash?

Basically, I was transfering a USDT fund from a trading platform (CBEX) into my Coinbase wallet using a Bitcoin wallet address . The correct address should have been the Ethereum wallet address which is compatible with USDT fund. Is there a way to recover the fund due to transfering on the wrong network?


Transaction hash (transaction ID) is:

Hash or transaction hash is a unique identifier that is generated whenever a transaction is performed.
Information about the transaction… what is wrong network? :slightly_smiling_face:

Coinbase wallet :point_down: you mean this app? Or coinbase web page?


Yes, I believe I have the transaction hash.
I used the Coinbase Wallet Apps on my phone for the transfer into my wallet. I mistakenly use the bitcoin wallet address instead of the Ethereum address wallet for the USDT fund transfer.

Write me your bitcoin address here (and transaction id) :smile: maybe it will help me.
I still don’t know what network you used.

I will delete your post with this informations.



Would it be more prudent for me if you just guide me on how to resolve this issue? I don’t want to give you the key to my house :neutral_face:

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@ampblue If I have little information, I can’t help you :smiley: your keys are private keys not your bitcoin address.

I don’t have a crystal ball :sweat_smile: man.
I don’t even know what network you used…

If you want, write to me on my telegram :point_down: you can find it in my profile

PS: I am a serious MetaMask Guide :fox_face: and not a stupid scammer.


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