Sent USDT from Ether Mainnet to BSC Mainnet on Metamask


I stupidly transferred some USDT from my Ethereum Mainnet address to BUSDT on a Binance Smart Chain Address. All activity took place on Metamask.

Is there a way to recover my USDT?

Thank you.


Is it on the same address ? Can you share txhash to check ?

Sure, tx hash is 0x5c27ac6e4d00ca7b08768b2e4153cf43957693c28add61b17bbba817962d9a73

Shows your transaction in wallet.

I am sorry @LisaG, I don’t understand your response. I would appreciate it if you can please expatiate some more.

My cold wallet was attached to metamask and I transferred the USDT from the ether mainnet to the address on the BSC mainnet. I already added a USDT token network on the BSC mainnet before I did the transfer.

Is there a way it can be recovered or is it gone?

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I can see it’s in your wallet. Maybe you’ll need to restore and reset your wallet.

Many Thanks, @LisaG. That worked!