I sent my USDT to my binance but USDT had a different logo

I sent my USDT but it had a different logo in my wallet now i cant see my USDT in binance but it says that the transaction is completed is there any way to recover??

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Transaction is completed in metamask wallet*

Hey @chensense, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Would you be able to provide a transaction hash? That would provide a lot more information.

Please also make sure that you have sent the USDT on the right network. Also, as this is an issue related to Binance, it would be best to contact the Binance team.

use bridge function in binance

Hi sorry im pretty new in crypto whats a transaction hash? Is it the Txid?

Yup, also referred to as Txid, you can find it through your MetaMask, or you can look for it directly on the block explorer.

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Is this it??

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It looks like your USDT was sent on the Polygon network. Please make sure that you have sent your USDT to the correct Binance USDT address on Polygon.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:


Oh so I needed to use Polygon as my network in binance?

Yes, because the USDT was transferred on Polygon network.

Oh that’s why i ddnt get Txid in binance, really appreciate the help learned something new today