Send USDT to wrong Network

Yesterday i try to send USDT from my BSC Metamask Account. I thougt that the Wallet that will receive it,is also a BSC Wallet. But it wasn´t. So i send my USDT to a wallet in BSC Network. (The Wallet adress (ERC20) was correct, but the network not)I think there is no owner for this Wallet (because i didn´t see any transaction)
Is there a way to get my money back?

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Hello @Joda89 , welcome to metamask community,

Can you paste public address or transaction hash to view your issues with more details .

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That transaction hash information can not be found on the chain .

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I can see the transaction details on BSC-Scan. It is correct

Do you mean you transferred your funds to a strange address? If so, there will be no way to recover the funds

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The wallet is correct, but the wrong network

Im really sorry that happened. The BUSD-T contract address is owned by Binance. If anyone is able to access that wallet, it would be them. I would reach out to their support and see if there is anything they are able to do.


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