How to Request Native Integration of Network Logo in MetaMask?

  • How can I ensure that the network logo is displayed when users add BounceBit as a custom network in MetaMask?
  • Are there specific steps or best practices I should follow to achieve this?
  • Has anyone successfully integrated a network logo into MetaMask, and can you share your experience?

I have attempted to submit a pull request to the MetaMask MetaMask-extension repository with the necessary changes to incorporate our network logo.

Pull Request Details: feat: add logo for BounceBit network by momobub · Pull Request #25082 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub
Network: BounceBit Mainnet RPC and Chain settings | ChainList

Could someone from the MetaMask team or the community please review the pull request and provide guidance on whether this is the correct approach? If there are additional steps or different procedures we should follow, please let me know, and we will be happy to make the necessary adjustments.

nice post its important

Hi thanks for doing that, please wait for someone from the team to review the PR

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