How to reset back the Advanced gas settings on Polygon network?

I was trying to breed an nft for about 2 days now but kept on failing even when toggling the low, fast, aggressive presets.

This morning I tried the Advanced gas settings and save it. But now, when I click on Breed, the transaction window with options don’t even pop up. It just shows an error straight away, transaction is cancelled by user.

Hope someone could help.

Many Thanks

To reset the gas settings, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the MetaMask window, select “settings,” then “Advanced,” and finally “Reset account.” This will reset all gas settings back to the default values.


th`anks for the reply, but I don’t see this option on my current MetaMask version.

for anyone who encounters this same problem. what I did was, install MetaMask on a different browser and settings are back to default.