How to retrieve my BNB

I’ve swapped my token with bnb it showed that the transaction has been approved, but I’m yet to receive my bnb.

Transaction Hash: 0xc50b89b38a98d838af41b1cd0274af71003203bfed135178465ca59000e900c7

From: 0xd0c64acb7f842159362f367ac1d314f6d87278b0

To: 0x6c97bf90bf08b46fe3bbe57bdac623cb5bdd0bc9

Hi friend! @Clutch_abdul Welcome to the MetaMask Community Forum! I’d love to help you out, but will need some more details if possible.

This TX is not a swap but a token approval which basically means you’ve given permission for the token to be traded.

Could you kindly please share the TX where you swapped for BNB?

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Can you please explain more.

Of course! This transaction hash that you sent (0xc50b89b38a98d838af41b1cd0274af71003203bfed135178465ca59000e900c7) is not a swap but a token approval. You can learn more about token approvals here:

Could you explain more in details what exactly you’ve done? Did you swap a token for BNB or did you send BNB to another address?

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I swapped spider inu token to bnb, it showed that the transaction has been approved but I can’t find the bnb or the spider inu token in my wallet. I hope I didn’t lose my money forever.

All I’m able to see is that you transferred 42,202.38161492 Spider INU in this tx: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

The address that you sent to (0x6c97bf90bf08b46fe3bbe57bdac623cb5bdd0bc9) still have those in their wallet.

Can you tell me more about this address: 0x6c97bf90bf08b46fe3bbe57bdac623cb5bdd0bc9?

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It’s the contract address of the Spider INU

It looks like you made a transfer to the smart contract of Spider INU in this tx Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

A transfer to a smart contract results in loss of tokens.

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All i did was swap my spider INU to BNB. I did not know how it turned out to be transfer of tokens to the contract address. This is not the first time that i am using MetaMask.

Unfortunately sending funds to a smart contract results in a permanent loss of funds. Sorry about that.

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I didn’t do that on my own to be honest. How did that happen?

I checked that after swapping a token for bnb or any other alternative, first it has to go to the contract address before it got transferred to the bnb or alternative. Check this out for example (0x4515344051e56fd172385001b9e9f6ce4a4587bebb02961e5d73f8cee297d9a7)

This (0x4515344051e56fd172385001b9e9f6ce4a4587bebb02961e5d73f8cee297d9a7) is a token approval and not a transfer.
The following is however a transfer (not a token approval) which was sent by your address: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan
Let me know if that clarifies it. If you want to know how it could have happpened then please get in touch with the MetaMask support team by clicking on this link . Click on the large blue “start a conversation” bubble in the upper middle of page.

This will connect you to a bot at first where you have to answer some questions. Afterwards you will be connected to a MetaMask support team member.

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I hope my funds can be retrieved. That’s my last card

From what I know, funds sent to a smart contract can’t be retrieved, but feel free to get in touch with the team.

Best regards

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And after the approval the next thing it showed that the swap has failed.

Please get in touch with the team in the link I provided. They will be able to assist you better.

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Thank you so much and I’ll do so

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