How to send XRP on Cronos Chain to Binance Smart Chain on same account?

In my MetaMask wallet I have XRP tokens stored on the Cronos network

However I want to move these onto BNB Smart Chain in my same wallet

Is there a way somehow I can do this directly from within MetaMask?

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Hello @nvisibl currently MetaMask bridge does not support Cronos network for bridging. So, you may use third party bridges in this regard. Please consult with respective community of Cronos and BNB if they directly support any bridges for XRP.
I have found synapse protocol and Meson supports bridging between Cronos and BNB for stable tokens. So, you may convert XRP to stable and bridge if this suits you. Also, kindly DYOR as these are third party bridges.


Exactly what Mandip said above. I don’t trust bridges so be careful.

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