Please help XRP binance peg token

Got xrp through uni swap (Am in USA) and it was done through transactions and eventually I had to add token and it is on the BSC Network on metamask

ive come to read about this and it sounds to me that my xrp might be Binance-Peg XRP?? Bep20 token on the BSC MetaMask network

I have it’s backed 1:1 By Binance, but I would feel more comfortable having actually holding ripple xrp

i have a NanoS that I’m having trouble configuring

SOOO I really need help advice in moving my Binance Peg xrp to RIPPLE XRP and what route I can take to get that done?

sorry to be long winded, but would appreciate your help

Thanks so much

There is a Binance Bridge to send coins from BSC to XRP network:

This should do the trick.
There will be transaction fees for the Bridging in BNB so you need to have some BNB in your wallet for paying the transactions.

And from what I have heard, the Bridging can take a few hours. I haven’t tried it specifically with XRP, I have done it with ETH so not sure how long it will take for XRP.

I think the issue is I’m in America. BinanceUS Do you think this is still compatible?

This is not BinanceCOM, it is BinanceORG (look at the address in the picture)

I think you should be ok.

If not, you could always use a VPN to use it.

You don’t need a Binance account to use it, it is a tool for the community. You just connect your Metamask wallet and you can use it.

Since I’m in the US it seems I am blocked

How does one go about the VPN route, and it sounds like that would be risky or maybe not? What the fuck do I know…absolutely nothing! Just need help to get this done as of now I’m holding jack shit with a bep20 coin that isn’t even compatible to xrp

Your way seems like it would alleviate that issue, but fuck I can’t catch a break

Using a VPN is safe, it allows you to surf the web going through a server first, using encrypted communication between you and the server. It hides your IP, since the IP the end connection sees is the server IP, not yours.

Most VPN services have servers all around the world, so you can choose to connect through one that is outside the US, and when you connect to Binance it will think you are outside the US, because it will see the VPN server address.

VPN services are paid, so just choose one of the big ones which allow a trial period, usually 7-14 days to test, and you can then use the bridge and if you don’t want to keep using the VPN you can cancel it afterwards.

Being in US I have read IF they can catch you using VPN they can block your account or take the holdings as it could be deemed as possible “fraud”

I’ve swapped some bep20 xrp to USDT and transferred usdt to Uphold where I’ll buy real xrp…BUT that transaction from metamask to Uphold STILL hasn’t gone through and received in my Uphold account. It was “confirmed” and completed on Friday at 1130am.

Any thoughts on the lag time on receiving usdt from Metamask to Uphold?

I really want to swap via the bridge but just don’t want to lose anything somehow in that transition.

I basically need to be led around and told what to do like a fucking toddler, so THANK YOU for all your help.

Is risking the VPN route worth it? Just not up to date on how things work like a seasoned crypto vet


I would agree about the use of the VPN if you were using an international binance account in the US, but the bridge can be used without having a binance account.

You connect your Metamask wallet and transfer through the bridge from one network to the other. How can they take your money if its going from your wallet to your wallet? And you never logged into a Binance account.

Good point. I guess they could only block my IP address at worst if they found out

I’ve been trying to link it and have used “Windscribe” VPN app acting in Canada.

I can’t get the bridge to connect to metamask for some reason yet?

I assume it will work eventually

So it will send I send from my metamask to my Xumm wallet I will copy when it works over the bridge?

Can’t get past this point on setup you have in first picture you sent. Clicked “connect wallet” and it’s trying to transmit but won’t connect

make sure you have the wallet in the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet network when you try to connect

It is on bsc

Could it be that I’m trying to do it on my iPad? Does it need to be done on a PC

I did it on my PC, haven’t tried on mobile so I don’t know how it works from mobile App.

I use Metamask with my Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, so I can only use it on PC. Mobile app doesn’t support hardware wallets yet.

Nice. Good to see another xrp fam. I have a nano S I’ve configured UNTIL I realized I held bep20 xrpwhich is nothing

I really want this to get done so I don’t have to worry it sucks to be in limbo. Heck I tried Togo the USDT Route; took a hit on xrp just to see if I can move it to uphold and buy real xrp there---- that transaction from metamask still hasn’t arrived at uphold and was confirmed Friday at 12pm

Any other options you can think of or advice greatly appreciated brother

I would say try using on PC, it’s the only thing I can think of, I managed to connect to the Binance bridge without issues.

I use Brave browser with the Metamask Extension.

I also use VPN (Astrill) and haven’t had any issues.

So I’m converting peg xrp from binance bsc—>xrp network

Do I send to my xumm wallet. What is xrp network I’m sending to?

Unless you have XRP network configured on your Metamask, I would send it to your Xumm wallet or you won’t have access to it in Metamask.

I have etherium mainnet and bsc main

Should I add to metamask or just send to xumm. I think xumm will be better as its an xrp wallet

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Yeah I agree. Better safe than sorry.

Well sounds like it would go to the xrp network not a specific wallet then go from there. He’ll very confusing to someone like me who hasn’t a fucking clue

I’m guessing I should add xrp network to metamask if that is possible? But wtf do I know