How to swap usdt on kcc network to polygon network

Hi! I need instant help.
Hello I did a transaction of USDT with kucoin to MetaMask(on KCC NETWORK) and I’m stuck as I can neither transfer my USDT nor swap it and these were the only funds I had and cannot get more to buy kcs token
Wallet id: 0x34C9A39FCA5aa750678B2FeE741da1662EE2E0E7

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Hello @Saqib1, welcome to MetaMask community!

I see you have your USDT on KCC network in your MetaMask wallet. You need KCS for gas fees when using KCC Mainnet. Same thing applies for all networks, you need the native coin of the network in order to pay for gas fees when doing transactions on the respective blockchains.

In order for you to now move your USDT from KCC network to Polygon network, you will need the said KCS for Bridge gas fees or to move them back to an exchange that supports KCC network deposits for a further withdrawal on Polygon network back to your MetaMask wallet.

Be careful what bridges you choose to do this transaction, if you’re going on that path. I heard there are faucets that give away small amounts of KCS for gas fees, but i haven’t researched which ones are legit and which aren’t, so please dyor on that as well, or simply buy KCS on an exchange that provides it and that provides a way to withdraw it to your MetaMask wallet for being able to do further transactions.


Hi @Saqib1 I sent you 0.00123 KCS :smiley: good luck.


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