Stuck on KCC network

Hey this is a bit embarrasing. I did a transaction of USDT with Kucoin to MetaMask through KCC network and I’m stuck as I can neither transfer my USDT or swap it. Also these were the only funds I had and cannot get more to buy KCS token. I just need 0.000821 KCS (<$0.01) to solve it (My idea was to buy USDT on ERC20 to trade on OKX but I just messed up and now I cant trade or swap it until I get payed) Is another way to get this solved? Thanks in advance.

Wallet id: 0x1fdb5030a9ed29fd43a097c0345c279c1ce67d18

Hi @FlopperBTC I’m in the garden at the moment (heavy farmer) :smile: when I get home I’ll send you some KCS


Oh really? Thank you so much! I’ve been stuck for hours and I was stressed hahaha, thanks for the help Luigi!

Yeah @FlopperBTC :smiley: I sent you 0.01 KCS


Thank you so much again Luigi, have a wonderful day!

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Have Nice Day

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