Coins stuck on kcc network

Without thinking i put all my coins on kcc network and now i dont got any kcs on it so i cant take it back of without putting more money in it, is there any way to swap or pay gas fees with other currency? because there is a minimum of 1 kcs to deposit and i dont got the money. its on metamask kcc network

Hi and welcome to Metamask community :fox_face:

It looks like you must pay the gas fee with KCC, but I would try to contact the KCC community to get the correct answer.

Thanks glad to be here.
Yeah i know i need to pay with kcs or kus on kcc network but i didnt know that when i send all my coins from kucoin so now i need to get kcs or kus on the kcc network or i need to find a way to swap 1 of my coins to kcs or kus.
The problem with the first option to get kcs or kus on kcc network is that i ran out of money so i need to swap the coin.
The reason i put it here was that i saw alot of other ppl got the same problems and got the solution here.


Hi @boschie12 open your profile: enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment.

I’ll send you some KCS :smile: but not 1… few cents is enough for a transaction and you can send it back to kucoin exchanger.


Hey Luigi,
Updated my profile, u really are a lifesafer.
Yeah 1 is way too many but its just the minimum kucoin allows to send it too kcc.
Thank you for the quick reply and the kcs.
now i can sent them back and put a few kcs in it.


I sent you 0.00123 KCS :smile: enough for a couple of transactions…

Don’t forget to copy the KCC address :point_down: on page Kucoin


Yeah thanks alot,
Already got them back at kucoin so im saved.
Thank you for your help.


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