KCS doesn't show on KCC-MAINNET, i need it for gas

I’ve read all threads on KCS but so far have been unable to sort my issue as the solutions required someone sending KCS to the affected user so they would have enough gas fees to move their ETH off the KCC network and back to kucoin, which is what i want to do. Even if i bought and send my own KCS i still have an issue.

There are screenshots on the threads i read of the KCS token showing on the KCC-MAINNET but i have so far been unable to find a way to add it in as all instructions are just to add KCC mainnet and i’ve already done that. I don’t want to send KCS and not be able to use it for gas because i can’t see it in my wallet.

All i have is the ETH i sent from kucoin on kcc and then another official looking ETH. Obviously i’m a newbie and missing something. Is the official ETH just where the KCS will show up if someone sends me some? This is confusing af.

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Hello @buckychris, welcome to MetaMask community!

Have you made sure the KCC network has been added correctly?

Chain ID: 321
Symbol: KCS
RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.kcc.network
Explorer URL: https://explorer.kcc.io/en

Also, please check this topic as well, as there’s plenty of information inside regarding KCC Mainnet.


Yes these are the exact details i entered when adding KCC-MAINNET. Thanks for the link i will look there also.

Try to do this as well:
Remove and re-add the network in your MetaMask wallet and then switch between networks and come back to the KCC Mainnet network, this way hopefully the KCS coin would appear.


It ended up changing by itself somehow, might have been after a log out and back in. Thanks anyway. Now i’m off to panhandle for a few cents KCS so i can move the eth.

Hi @buckychris open your profile https://community.metamask.io/u/buckychris/preferences/profile enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment. I’ll send you some KCS :slightly_smiling_face:

Faucet: https://faucet.kcc.io/ has some technical issues :smile: all KCS are gone haha…


Oh i wondered if that was why. Thanks very much, address is in my profile now.

You’re a Legend, thank you.

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0.00123 KCS sent :grin: :rocket:

Good Luck


Trying to move eth back to Kucoin after sending it on KCC by mistake. I can put my address in my profile if anyone can help. Thanks. I’ve already tried faucet. kcc. io but it always “verification expired” after completing the recapture and nothing gets sent.

it says i need 1 gwei but other threads say KCS is needed so i’m a little confused. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Hello, you need to buy some KCs on kucoin and transfer it to your KCC address as fuel, so you can transfer out your assets

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Yes, i’m just trying to avoid the minimum top up amounts when i only need a few cents. I saw in other threads some people just sent it for free and thought i’d give it a shot lol.

Moved all the other posts into this topic, as it wasn’t necessary to have 2 separate ones for same discussion.

Hope your problems were solved and you’ll be able to move your ETH as you wanted, thanks to Luigi.


Yes thanks a lot. It got solved as another user sent me some KCS.

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